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Ayurveda Treatments


Like Kativasthi, medicated oil is prepared according to ancient texts as per the needs of the patient and disease. A boundary of herbal paste is made on the chest of the patient and the warm medicated oil is poured which is retained inside the herbal boundary for 45 minutes. It is good for asthma, heart disease, and muscular chest pain.


Tepid herbal oil, Ksheerabala Thailam is poured into a cap, which is fitted on the head and retained for 15 - 60 minutes per day for a period of seven days. It is recommended for getting relief from insomnia, migraine, and facial paralysis. It is good for the scalp and head due to the cooling property of the oil.

Nasyam (Nasal Infusion)

This treatment is prescribed for sinusitis, headaches, and facial paralysis. Medicated oil, anu thailam and herbal extracts, cephagraine nasal drops are instilled into the nostrils after olfaction and fomentation of face, throat, and thoracic part.

Herbal Facial

After massaging the face with specially prepared massage oil, herbal face packs and creams are applied. It tones as well as makes the skin fairer.


Pieces of cloth are soaked in medicated oil like Dhanwantharam, Kottamchukkadi, Karpooradi or Murivenna. Then it is placed on the joints or areas suffering from pain according to the physician’s advice. It is helpful for easing body pain, joint pain, arthritis, spondilosis, and old age related disorders.


A thick paste is prepared by mixing medicated oils in herbal powder and applied on the scalp for a fixed time. It is effective for headache, myofascitis, and sleeplessness.

Thala Pothichil

This is a time-tested treatment for psychic disorders, migraine, sleeplessness, and mental disorders. Herbs are made into a paste and applied all over the head in half-inch thickness.

Netra Tharpana

This treatment is prescribed for treating all types of eye disorders. A boundary of herbal paste is made and medicated oil, ghee or other medicines are poured on the eye and retained.


A special decoction of special herbs is mixed with Thriphala Choornam. The eyes are washed with it to give good vision and to protect the eyes from cataract and other disorders.


This is a paste of selected herbs, Kottamchukkadi, and curcuma aromatica, red sandal which are mixed for externally application. It is applied for a fixed time to cure inflamed joints.

Gandoosham / Kabalam

To strengthen the teeth and to treat mouth disorders a potion of medicated oil and juices of various plants is taken into the mouth, kept for some time and then spit.


To get rid of the pain in the ear, wax, and infection medicated oil is instilled.


A special medicine prepared out of various herbs is applied in the eyes to ret relief from lachrymation. It cleanses the eyes and enhances the vision.


This treatment involves the inhalation of smoke from different types of herbs, which are rolled like cigars. It is a remedy for sinusitis, headache, rhinitis, and heaviness of head.

Vetever Scrub Bath

This is a pure herbal beauty treatment for the entire body. First, cream or oil is used to massage and then the body is scrubbed with the vetever scrub and bath powder. It exfoliates the dead skin and makes it fair.

No. Treatments Description
1 Abhyangam General Massage
2 Abhyangam + Steam Bath General Massage and Steam Bath
3 Rejuvenation Massage Intense full body massage
4 Shirodhara Special relaxation treatment for insomnia and  mental rejuvenation
5 Massage with Foot Masseur does the massage with his feet
6 Kalari Massage Massage by martial art expert with emphasis on marma points
7 Ojuskara massage Special Kerala traditional royal massage
8 Podikizhi Herbal powder massage for arthritis, joint stiffness…
9 Varnyakara
(Beauty care )
Combination of powder scrub, medicated milk bath and herbal facial
10 Sandhibalakara care Special massage and bolus treatments focused on joint problems
11 Nidrapradana tratments Treatments for proving better sleep and relaxation
12 Muthirakizhi Horse gram bolus massage
13 Herbal Facial Facial with fruit juices and herbal face pack.
14 Elakizhi Leaf bolus massage for arthritis
15 Muttakizhi Egg bolus massage
16 Narangakizhi Lemon bolus massage
17 Thailadhara Oil Bath
18 Ksheeradhara Medicated milk bath
19 Kashayadhara Decoction bath
20 Thakradhara Medicated buttermilk bath for head
21 Kadidhara Medicated Herbal soup bath
22 Powder scrub
( Udwarthanam)
Herbal Powder massage for skin care.
23 Kativasthi Warm medicated oil is retained on lower back inside a boundary of herbal paste
24 Urovasthi Warm medicated oil is retained on the chest inside a boundary of herbal paste
25 Shirovasthi Warm medicated oil is retained inside a cap worn over the head
26 Nasyam Nasal Infusion
27 Dhanyakizhi Cereal bolus massage
28 Head Massage Oil massage for the head
29 Head Neck Shoulder Massage Oil massage for head, neck and shoulder
30 Face massage Massage of face with oil
31 Punnagadi Kizhi Bolus massage with special herbs
32 Pizhichil Oil bath for rejuvenation and curing arthritis, paralysis and joint stiffness
33 Njavarakizhi Rice bolus massage for rejuvenation and muscular atrophy
34 Massage with kizhi Massage with bolus
35 Pichu Cloth drenched in medicated oil is placed on the affected area
36 Thalam Medicated paste applied on the area to be cured
37 Thalapothichil Herbal paste applied over the head
38 NetraSekam Cleaning the eye for improving the eye sight
39 Lepam Herbal paste is applied over the affected area for treating arthritis and skin related problems
40 Gandoosham/ Kabalam Mouthwash for tooth and gum disorders
41 Karnapooranam Application of medicine into the ears for easing earache 
42 Karnadhoopanam Fumigation of ears for earache
43 Anjana Application of medicine for eye related disorders
44 Dhoomapanam Smoking of herbs for curing sinusitis
45 Vetever Scrub Bath Massage with scrub for beautiful and glowing skin